Text Neck

Smartphones enable us to stay connected via texts, but the act of texting makes people bend their necks more than they should. Many suffer from a condition known as text neck as a result. The constant pulling forward of the C-spine and supporting soft tissues eventually leads to a chronic pain issue. At Paunicka Chiropractic Clinic in Urbana, IL, we see our fair share of patients suffering from this condition. Read on to learn more about what causes text neck and how we treat it.


What is Text Neck?

Text neck happens when you've spent too much time with your head bent over your smartphone. It's a repetitive stress injury because you're lifting your head up and down with frequency, but you also keep your head and neck in a fixed position for long periods. Both actions result in pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Signs of Text Neck

Text neck causes pain in the neck and upper back. The pain you experience can include dull pain with the occasional stabbing sensation and a general ache that never resolves completely. You may experience a headache, less mobility in your upper back, shoulders, and neck, and more pain when you put your head down over your phone. 

Managing Text Neck Pain

Text neck can be alleviated by engaging in conscious movements that keep you from assuming the position that caused the condition in the first place. The goal is to alleviate the stress and strain you're putting on your upper body by sitting in a different position and taking frequent breaks. You can also use an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce the pain sensations, but you may need to see a chiropractor to alleviate the strain on your neck and upper body.

Getting Help From a Chiropractor With Your Text Neck

Over time, text neck can cause your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to pull on your spine unevenly. This further aggravates the condition by preventing your spine from being able to rest in its natural alignment. A chiropractor can help you get relief and restore your natural movement through chiropractic manipulation techniques. 

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